DUALIT 3 Slice Vario Toaster Polished

DUALIT 3 Slice Vario Toaster Polished

Dualit's 3 slice Vario toaster can toast up to three slices of bread at a time, with the option to heat only 2 slots if necessary. It features the original Dualit styling, mechanical timer and ejector lever. Unlike the 2 and 4 slice NewGen models, it does not incorporate a bagel setting.

Technical specification
Capacity 2 or 3 slices
Loading (kW) 1.7
Dimensions (cm) 31 x 21 x 22
Weight (kg) 4.0
Slot size: 28mm wide x 140mm high x 120mm long (front to back)
Materials: Cast aluminium ends, stainless steel body
Elements: Award-winning, patented ProHeat elements